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Bentuk Badan Pear and tip pemakaian

Assalamualikum semua..right now,I want to share to you a lot of tips how to know your own body shape?Also,how to make the perfect choice for your own outfit with the body shape that you have...(sorry..i'am not really great to writing in English..)


-this body has a big hip more than the chest.
-part of the stomach,hip and feet are really big...i'm not  saying fat but this part the most biggest part on your body..
-you have pretty wrist and slim at your waist..


*Try padankan outfit that have pattern di bahagian atas untuk hide bahagian bawah yang besar.
*For the bottom choose the dark colour.
*Choose pants with straight cut or A shape skirt
*Dress berpotongan kembang payung digalakkan