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Kitty Pouch Made by Heppieyipie

Assalamualaikum semua..hari ni shima cari tentang beg dari kain perca di google..tup-tup terjumpa gambar ni..cantik pulak tu..siap ada kolaj bentuk kucing...barang-barang yang lain pun ada..try klik Kotak pensil.. bentuk yang lain pon ade..semuanya cantik..

! Geoduck !

Wait!! Don't misunderstood on me! I just saw on Food Channel Network on Astro and this thing as you can see the name is Geoduck..Don't judge a book by its cover ok..and it's sea shell creature..also in some country they EAT this!  Eww..disgusting.. =_=' 
p/s: Just information for you all